Winter interior


La maison d'Anna G

Nowadays this is my huge fascination with Scandinavian style, climate of the north with all the Nordic influences. With a touch of Japanese minimalism. I like the polar nature of Nordic interiors for their pure style, raw, monochrome, with a bit of industrial. I have a soft spot for 'hollow' interiors, airy, with the breath, as if muted. Sometimes even whitened or even snowy :) I appreciate the simplicity, homogeneity and neutrality interior arrangements. Styles that captivate me, are basic, pure, eco, zen ... frugal, ascetic and very modest, built on base of white. Simple, clean lines, without unnecessary decorations, chrome, color excess, and trinkets. The colors that I use, are white and gray with a few drops of black. I always warm cool interior by adding elements of whitewashed ash or oak wood. I'm constantly looking for new solutions... :)

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