Posted by : ae Saturday, December 31, 2016

This is my first movie, so please... understand some imperfections. I could fix it more and more, change it again and again, but it's not the point. I made this movie in remembrance of playing it, I throw here for people like me, who love this game. The plot of the film is painfully obvious. The moments which shows the mechanism of the game and solutions that Max must discover, are removed purposefully. Maybe some meticulous fans will find here and there a funny element, in several places there are hidden surprises. I tried to eliminate some 'mushy shit', so don't seek for the famous 'I'm never leaving you'... Don't worry, you are not going to shed a single tear :) You will see only my subjective view of what true friendship is.

I hope this movie is the first of a series I planned.

Have fun watching.
- ae

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